Mint 4 & Hardy

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Mint 4 & Hardy

Postby tuxStyle » Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:49 pm

One week ago i installed Mint for 1st time ... and i enjoy it :)
I had some problems with fans, sound and wirelesscard but after digging on ubuntu forums i solved most of them.
I started to play with compiz settings and now everything looks great ... or at least was great until i decided to change repositories for ubuntu from gusty to hardy.

Now wireless is not working, at boot time i get a message from (hal or dbus..) to get a new firmware... but this is not the big problem.
My big problem: i cant login in X.

After i enter user and password sometime i don't have the taskbar and when i have it i don't have the 'start' button.
I don't have desktop shortcuts ... right click on desktop is not working :(

I like testing new things but Mint 5 don't have any beta/RC versions :) so, is there anyway to install Mint with Hardy?

I mean, how can i install Mint if in install Hardy first?

Or, if i install Mint first, how can i stay out of problems after dist upgrade?


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Re: Mint 4 & Hardy

Postby Fred » Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:06 pm


Mint 4 uses the gutsy repos. If you upgraded to the hardy repos you broke the system, as you have already discovered. :-)

Hardy is not ready for prime time. If you run hardy you can expect breakage. Mint 5 is not ready for prime time. If you were running it, it would break too. Both of these have not been released. Hardy has been released for bug testers only. It is suppose to break. Mint 5 has closed alpha testing, so it isn't available for community bug testing yet.

If you indiscriminately mixed Ubuntu hardy and Mint 4 you now have a mess that isn't worth trying to fix. Start over, would be my best advice.

We all live and learn. :-)

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