Something Strange With Mint 14 Maya

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Something Strange With Mint 14 Maya

Post by bustard »

It installed ok and I had it looking the way I like, but there were two odd things, one of them an OS killer:

1. The partitions on my external drive are usually identified as:

/media/<long bunch of letters and numbers>

but with mint 14 they are identified as:

/media/<userid>/<long bunch of letters and numbers>

If that is the way it is supposed to be with mint 14, then not a big problem, though I would prefer the old way so my scripts do not have to be tweaked; but I have never seen it as far as I can remember in other distros. I was wondering if I goofed up something in the install.

2. When I open a terminal, I can not use it because the terminal never ends up with username@computer name:~$ showing, followed by the cursor. All it shows is a cursor and nothing happens when I enter something.

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Re: Something Strange With Mint 14 Maya

Post by remoulder »

bustard wrote:Mint 14 Maya
Which is it Mint 14 or Maya, these are different versions?
bustard wrote:When I open a terminal
Was this a fresh install, are you trying to reuse your old home?
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