desktop settings on mint 12

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desktop settings on mint 12

Post by randancing » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:08 pm

In the usrs guide pdf it says to click on menu and then click on 'preferences', and then clidk on 'desktop settings', but there is no "preferences" on the menu or under any of the icons shown in the menu. What I want to do is place some icons on the desktop so that i don't have to click on menu each time. The instructions were straight forward enough, 1. menu 2.preference 3. destop settings, but without the 'prefernces' tab it is impossible to follow those instructions. They simply are not there. Can anyone help me.

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Re: desktop settings on mint 12

Post by remoulder » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:39 pm

randancing wrote:In the usrs guide
There is no official user guide listed for mint 12 so am assuming you are reading the guide for a different version which is unlikely to be relevant to mint 12. You may find an answer in mint 12 tips & tricks?
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Re: desktop settings on mint 12

Post by caribriz » Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:41 pm

randancing wrote:What I want to do is place some icons on the desktop so that i don't have to click on menu each time.
Are you using Mint 12 Gnome?
Do you mean put program icons on the desktop, for example - Firefox?

If so -
You can follow the guide mentioned above - Mint 12 Tips and Tricks - Item 1b: Create desktop launchers
(the hard way :wink: )

Easier ways:
If you can logout and log into mate session:
Go to Menu > Internet > right-click Firefox > click Add to desktop

Or if you log into Gnome Classic session:
Go to Applications > Internet ... just drag the Firefox icon onto the desktop.

Whatever way you do it, the icon should then appear on all the desktop versions (whichever you are logged into - Gnome, Gnome Classic or mate).

OR if as you stated originally, you just wanted Desktop Settings (the equivalent screen - in Mint 12 - of what you saw in the user guide for a different version of Mint - which I think was mate 13 :?: ):
In Gnome session of Mint 12 - you would go to: Menu > Other > Advanced Settings > Desktop
In mate session of Mint 12: Menu > Preferences > Desktop Settings

Note - If you are using another version of Mint 12, ie. KDE or LXDE - they have their own methods of putting icons on the desktop.

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