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Postby Barry » Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:07 pm

I have downloaded the linux version of lightscribe and everything went well but I am unable to find it. I know it's there somewhere because when I try and re install I am told it's already installed. Would be grateful for any help. Thank you

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Re: Lightscribe

Postby deadguy » Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:13 pm

in a terminal type:

Code: Select all

whereis lightscribe

should give you the path :D

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Re: Lightscribe

Postby Lantesh » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:36 am

Here is a tip on how to change the contrast setting. By default it's very light, and if you have the patience to wait about 5 more minutes for a burn to finish it looks much better on the high contrast setting.

Make sure LightScribe is version or newer
Bring up a terminal window.
Type the following onto the command line

sudo /usr/lib/lightscribe/

Note the space after "sudo", and no spaces for the rest of the string.
Enter your password when prompted.
Choose to activate the higher contrast print setting by typing in "1" (without the quotes).
When printing a LightScribe label, ensure that "Best" contrast is selected, and the new higher contrast setting will be in effect.

If you want a label program that supports inserting pictures (the basic lightscribe program does not) there isn't much choice for Linux. I was only able to come up with one option. The program is from Lacie, and is available on their website in the .rpm package format only. I converted it to .deb and have been using it for a few months without any issues. It works great. I put it up on my webspace for anyone who wants it, and I will leave it there for a while. The link is:

After you install the .deb package you will notice it does not make a launcher for you in the menu. You will have to make your own. The actual command to launch the program is not Lacie. It is 4L-gui. You also have to launch the program as root or else it doesn't have the rights to burn the image.

If you make a launcher use this:
gksudo 4L-gui

If you run it in terminal use this:
sudo 4L-gui

Happy burning!

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