Grub Screen After Update

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Grub Screen After Update

Post by velky_pivo » Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:06 pm

multi hd with hd switch - only use one hd switched on at a time
mint 10 and 13 partitions are on one same hd
was set to use bootloader from mint 10

After last mint 13 update I can not get to the OS menu.
As soon as PC boots I get Grub prompt.

During the update I was asked a question if I wanted to keep my own modification "custom_10" file
(or config_10 ?, not sure about what the exact name was), or if I should let update use its own version.
I selected "keep" because I wanted to keep the Mint 10 boot menu

How do I fix this without loosing data ?

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Re: Grub Screen After Update

Post by DrHu » Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:53 pm

The install you executed was done on Mint 13, I would guess
--I expect the bootloader options/features and boot parameters have changed enough from Mint 10-->13 to require some edits to get your own boot menu again

Looks like the filename it wants to use for that grub update is config_10 (not custom_10)
  • Save the config_10 file it it did it stall it or check the file numbers under the boot/grub (I think it is there)
    --seeing what does exist
  • Copy /replace the default file name config_10 with custom_10
  • Rename the replaced file as the default name (config_10)
    --you may need to check out grub a bit to see what chnages were made: a text file or other (GUI) file comparison
    --or check the dates on the files you will be checking to see the latest ones that were created (either by Grub or you terminal command decisions..

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Level 2
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Re: Grub Screen After Update

Post by velky_pivo » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:43 pm

Sorry about the confusion, the file name was fine, I just did not write it down, so I was not sure about the name.

It is all about grub 1 and grub 2 (mint 10 and 13) differences. Drive mapping does not quite agree.

I recalled I had this issue before and found my own thread dealing with this.

Anyway what fixed it was running maya livecd, and after checking gparted which partition was bootable,
I typed:

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda

i did get an error about location of /boot but
i also got back my Mint 10 style boot menu back (and did not loose any data on either partition)

I wonder what would have happened had I not kept that custom boot file, and let maya update change it,
(I am sure I will run into this in the near future again).

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