Not able to boot Win 7 after update of Linux Mint 13

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Not able to boot Win 7 after update of Linux Mint 13

Postby Tacticalbfr » Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:49 am

Thanks for the response and sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you-I've been having a mess with my pc. My HDD is failing and I have spent the entire time since this post trying to get Windows 7 back in and working, to no avail. So just this morning I nuked the HDD again and put Linux 13 in on the whole drive. Now I am concerned about learning Linux but at least it is working and I am online and 95% happy. I do think you are correct about BCD; seems I had a ghost partition that I had to format and delete before I installed Linux-the same size that I allocated to Linux when I was dual booting. Again, thanks for your help. I'm sure this forum will be hearing from me again. Ad Nauseum.

I have a Dell Studio 540 with Windows 7 x64 and Linux Mint 13 Maya x64, each is on its own partition. This morning I went in to Linux to do an update in which everything downloaded and installed just fine (there were about 95 updates installed). After the updates installed I re-started my pc to go back in to Windows 7 but the dual boot option is no longer present. I can only boot Linux 13 even though there is a Windows 7 Loader option on the start screen it will just loop back to Linux. Afraid my forum search didn't help me find a solution and I do not understand the command line codes for grub well enough to figure out a fix. I was able to use BCD 2.2 in Windows when I installed Linux to get a dual boot option (Neosmart Linux). Can someone teach me how to get my dual boot options back? I need to get in to Windows to get some work done. Thanks for any help you can give.
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Re: Not able to boot Win 7 after update of Linux Mint 13

Postby viking777 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:28 pm

The answer to this is complicated a bit by the fact that you used EasyBCD to boot Linux. The complication is that this is a Windows program and you can't boot windows. So first of all simply try the default Linux recovery method, open a terminal and run the following command:

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sudo update-grub

If it works then you may be able to boot Win7 from grub, but I would say the chances are that it won't or you would already be able to boot Win7 from the grub menu. In which case you have to recover the win7 boot loader installed by EasyBCD, this page tells you how to do it: ... om+the+DVD

Being a Linux user I don't know too much about EasyBCD, but I should ask, does it offer the chance to make its own boot medium, and if so did you make one?

If you did then you should simply boot from that and repair the EasyBCD boot loader then add Linux back to it.
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