ECIADSL - Howto for USB ADSL Modems

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ECIADSL - Howto for USB ADSL Modems

Postby itoffshore » Tue May 13, 2008 5:52 pm

I couldn't find any guides anywhere so here's a how to get a USB Modem working in Mint 4.0 XFCE - adjust for different Mint versions.

(1) Mount the USB filesystem :

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sudo nano /etc/fstab

& insert the following code (users of the gnome version of Mint use "gedit" instead of "nano" above)

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# USB File system (for modem)
none            /proc/bus/usb   usbfs   defaults        0       0

It will then mount at boot - to mount it immediately:

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mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb

(2) Set the Terminal to use Bash as the default shell :

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sudo ln -sf /bin/bash /bin/sh

(3) Download the latest source

Get the tools for Gutsy or whichever compatible repository version that you will need to compile from :


If you have some sort of internet connection just install "build-essential" - but if your reading this you probably have no connection in Linux - so............

Right click the above Deb files you downloaded & select install with GDeb - you may have to fiddle around with the order they install as some depend on the other.

(4) Unpack the ECIADSL source & open a Terminal in the source directory to build & install:

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./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

Look in the User Guide on the ECIADSL website for building your own Synch Bin file by sniffing your USB Modem running-under windows - less hassle than trying out all the pre-compiled ones.

(5) Probe your USB Modem for the settings needed to configure it:

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sudo eciadsl-probe-device

& run the config program:

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sudo eciadsl-config-text

& start the modem:

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sudo eciadsl-doctor

if it ever crashes or fails to connect (as it does occasionally)

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sudo killall eciadsl-doctor
sudo  killall eciadsl-pppoeci
sudo  killall eciadsl-synch

& unplug your modem for a few seconds & try connecting as above again.

Once you've configured it start with eciadsl-start instead of eciadsl-doctor
as you don't need the verbose messages.


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Re: ECIADSL - Howto for USB ADSL Modems

Postby Husse » Wed May 14, 2008 5:54 am

Guides like this are always welcome
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