problem with starting, Mint13Mate

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problem with starting, Mint13Mate

Postby jaffleck » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:49 pm

I installed Mint13Mate from a purchased disc; and everything was alright for awhile. I have mint11Katya on a partition; that's what I'm using now. My question will be very easy for a "real" linux person; however please remember I am not a computer programmer. When I turn on my computer I get a boot menu; fortunately, so I can manually click down to my Mint 11 partition and hit enter. If I allow the computer to try to start Mint13Mate it will ask me to log in; even tho it was set for auto log in no password; I log in using my computer name, it asks for my password, I put that in, it says in green type welcome John _ blink, blink. which, of course, is a linux terminal. The problem is I have no idea what to type here to get it to go ahead and log in to Mint13Mate. It's some kind of string of symbols, but I don't speak linux. Could someone tell me what I should type in at this prompt to get it to go ahead and log on; then I can reset it to auto log on myself. Thank You. It would be most convenient for me if you just shoot me an e-mail; Thanks again. Sorry, I'm a Linux illiterate; but I love my linux computer; I don't have any microsoft products of any kind; due to the usual way they treat they customers; (like enemy aliens).

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Re: problem with starting, Mint13Mate

Postby jungle_boy » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:25 pm

It seems corrupted iso. Reinstall and see if it works. Try downloading it yourself, because we need the iso image to verify its integrity checking md5sum of downloaded iso image.

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