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Programming [solved]

Post by ult.punch » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:54 pm

Hi, I have recently decided that I want to learn to program. However I have also recently installed Linux so I am a complete noob to both. I would like to start off by going through a C++ book or two before learning Python and some other languages. Basically could someone take me through step by step everything I need to do to get my system up and running so I can start? I downloaded Geany, I also installed G++ through software manager I also did sudo apt-get install on automake and build-essential though I basically have no idea what they do, I just installed them because I saw another forum post telling me to do so. As it stands I can neither run or compile a simple hello world program in Geany. I would be very grateful for any help.

[Solved] Realised I had to save the file as .cpp! Files build and execute fine in Geany now and also through the terminal. Thanks for your reply Xenopeek. Those python resources look pretty good at first glance especially the last one!
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Re: Programming

Post by xenopeek » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:23 pm

Well, this may be harsh, but I don't recommend you try and teach yourself programming by starting with C++. That is a very powerful but complex language, especially if you are new to programming. You'd probably be much more happy the other way around, start with Python!

Google has a very basic Python class to get you started: The Hitchhiker's Guide To Python may be a nice resource along the way also: Another good resource is Learn Python The Hard Way, which throws you in the deep end but gets you going fast with the basics: You don't need anything else to get started but Geany that you already installed :wink: Consider also installing geany-plugins for some nice collection of additional tools.

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