Dolphin Link - Mounting Error?

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Dolphin Link - Mounting Error?

Postby Puerto-Rico » Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:17 pm

Hey Guys, i have been running Linux Mint KDE 14 for some time, all things are working properly except one thing,
i am sure it is easy to fix but, i can't figure it out. :(

i have 3 hard drives in the pc wich all are formattet in ext4.
i have a Synology diskstation with some networkshares (Samba)

In the kde enviroment (Dolphin file explorer) it is possible to create "places" in panel.
When i create a link to a hard drive/network share i get this error, but only the first time accessing it:

The file or folder smb://admin@file-server/****** does not exist.

Local attached harddrive
The file or folder /media/FIles/Downloads does not exist.

If browse the harddrive via the link in devices panel i can access the files, and now the link i places work, (until i reboot the pc)
The same applies to the samba share, i just have to access it one time at each reboot for the places link to work.

This doesn't apply to the root parttion, it work perfectly,

My conclusion is that i have to mount the other hard drives / Network shares at startup to get the places to work after a reboot?

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Re: Dolphin Link - Mounting Error?

Postby Puerto-Rico » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:39 pm

Can't anyone help, or point to a better solution wit ha other file-manager?

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Re: Dolphin Link - Mounting Error?

Postby DrHu » Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:42 pm ... r-network/
    This gets my vote as the best Linux graphical LAN browser. It has a nice, clean appearance, and it's easy to use. The one possible downside is that it requires KDE, so if you're not already a KDE user, you'll need to install kdebase and Konqueror ... 0697.shtml
--the smb4k browser may be easier ... 20releases)/1.0.6/
--that's their last version, with the requirements shown..

I know dolphin is the new default: there are always choice/options that you can try if the default is awkward or unsatisfying in some way. ... ring_SAMBA
--that file manager or kde setup seems to be an issue

Another option (fix) is to use /etc/fstab and include the device/share paths so that it survives a reboot
a static setup.. ... -etcfstab/ ... 2010/11/17
--a bit more of a guide, kde + samba

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