replace config file

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replace config file

Postby parths » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:33 am

Hi Guys, Linux mint does give me a feeling of 'a breath of fresh air'..

I just happened to move from another distro, won't name it (Clue: the new version ported with a horrible installation procedure..), and here's me posting for the first time :D

There are quite a few things i'd mention, just mention, cause some of them need me doing some research and not the reason for the post, primarily..
1) Underlying problems
I have a dual boot machine with win7 and usually a linux distro. After booting my machine the grub would give a message 'Welcome to Grub!' and then several failed messages like failed to boot initial ram disk and press any key to continue...or so.. Then the familiar Grub2 menu showed up allowing me to boot into one of the OSes..
My machine has a recovery partition which came with the laptop and a win7 partition on sda1 and sda2 resp. and selecting the sda2 didn't boot the machine instead gave an error, so i had to select the sda1 option, yes the recovery partition. So one fine day, hoping to solve this problem, from the admin tools in win7 i selected the storage management and made the sda2 partition active.

2) I broke my system
Big mistake. Without understanding the grub and booting process properly, i broke my system, and was greeted with the grub rescue> prompt..
I use my machine for development and had to find a way to get it back. Did some research from my phone and tried stuff including windows system repair (startup repair), booting off a usb stick into fedora and make the sda1 partition active again, but neither worked. I guess the order of doing that was important.

3) thanks for the good old live cd
So i had a ubuntu 10.04 lts live cd with me. Installed the OS, which installed grub on dev/sda (hell, earlier i was wondering where the hell is grub installed) and got my system back in working condition..This prompted me to leave the current linux distro and go back to good old ubuntu. Again hit the web and found about linux mint...

Here I am with my first question:

While updating the system i was greeted with this message ... _29_32.png

what to do, i guess it says that the update is giving an older copy of the file, right?
Feels good to be here..only time will tell..

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Re: replace config file

Postby xenopeek » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:41 am

Generally you would keep files in /etc, and not overwrite them.

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