A partially Newbie

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A partially Newbie

Postby sakalam321 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:56 am

I am not a totally newbie participant. I have been using LInux, Ubuntu and Mint for a few years now.
In the last few days I tried to include in one of my computers two of the main Mint software: Mint Maya 13 Mate (my Grand daughter's name is Maya) and Mint Lisa Gnome.
Both are now installed in the same computer under different partitions and for a day's life they are doing fine.

Unfortunately I am having a couple of problems that make my life difficult:
1. I cannot locate the screen-saver. I do use the Picture folder for my screen-saver and I have accumulated over 3000 pictures mainly from family, kids and grand kids.
2. I did install the screen-saver using the picture folder numerous times in various Ubuntu releases. Now I don't even remember where i found it under Ubuntu.
3. I used to have a windows software that when I placed it in the same folder with pictures, it would create a presentation which was also adjustable in terms of time.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated, especially if it is a built in software from withing Mint
B.- My second problem is that I cannot add or change more panels (top, bottom, right and left) and I cannot add any applets, except for very few that appeared during the installation (such as Menu, shut down, restart, logout and that is about it for now.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I tried the Guide but there was nothing related there.

Thank you

Costas Lazarou

PS: When I open the Configuration Editor there is some mentioning of Panels, Applets etc in the left column, but nothing in the right column makes sense to complete the picture.

2nd PS; I reopened Mint Lisa Gnome and to my surprise I found the panels, managed to change the width and color and also several applets were available for placing. In the previous reporting I was in Mint Maya 13 Mate, my Grand daughter will not be very happy, I think I will restart and check again.
3rd PS: either my mistake, or I am going crazy. Now I am in Mint Maya 13 Mate and there is no panels or applets, my apologies. Only the top and bottom panels are visible and no applets can be added.

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Re: A partially Newbie

Postby usbtux » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:38 am

http://goo.gl/DXKgM LinuxMint tutorials.
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http://goo.gl/WFu0u Installing Mint - the screen cast videos.
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