Suspend / Hibernate

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Suspend / Hibernate

Post by Appoloin »

The suspend and hibernate are not working. Suspend shuts down the laptop but the system wont resume. In hibernate the screen goes blank but the fans don't switch off and the system doesn't resume.

The Laptop is a Toshiba A100-521, ram 512MB (shared), 40GB drive. The swap partition is over a 1GB. The OS is Linux Mint mate.

Only thing i can thing of, is the problem has something to do with the phoenix bios. I've read that some versions of this bios handle the hibernate/Suspend and not the OS. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Is there a way the restart the usb service without a computer restart? I managed to crash it trying to write 6GB file to a Fat32 memory card (oops, i forgot)

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Re: Suspend / Hibernate <SOLVED>

Post by ublungu »

try the solutions in this webpage :

It worked for me. Now my very old Toshiba netbook suspends, hibernates and wake ups from both states.

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Re: Suspend / Hibernate

Post by DaComboMan »

Our friend hasn't given a response, probably discouraged as i when looking through that link.

Suspend = hibernation ?

Having suspend issue on MATE 15 RC Oh! Livia!
Think it's relatively redundant issue with Linux distros.

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