Help me, suggestions needed

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Help me, suggestions needed

Post by Sachit »

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen
(sorry for my bad English as its not my mother tongue)

I have many queries and questions in my mind. So let me get you point wise.

1. Why Linux? and which one is the best?

2. New to Linux so afraid about my drivers, software, games, etc?

I love playing games, but all are windows compatible, like, Assassins Creed (series),Battlefield (series), COD (series), etc
Drivers for my Laptop like, AMD Catalyst,
Broadcom 802.11 wireless LAN Adapter,
Broadcom Bluetooth software,
Cyberlink YouCam,
Realtek Ethernet Control Driver,
Realtek PCIE card reader,
Synaptic Pointing Device Driver,
Beats Audio Driver,
and various HP Drivers like
HP 3d Drive guard,
HP Connection Manager,
HP Cool Sense(specially afraid about this, coz w/o this my laptop heats up very soon) ,
HP On Screen Display,
HP Power Manager,
HP Software Framework,

3. Will it run on my device?

HP Envy 4-1104TX

Processor Core i5 (3rd Generation)
Variant 3317U
Chipset Intel HM77 Express
Brand Intel
Clock Speed 1.7 GHz With Turbo Boost Upto 2.6 GHz
Cache 3 MB

Expandable Memory Upto 16 GB
Memory Slots 2 (Unused Slot - 1)
System Memory 4 GB DDR3

Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3
Dedicated Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB
Graphic Processor AMD Mobility Radeon HD 7670M

4. Where can I get Linux? and how to Install?

Currently running on Win 7 Home basic
My laptop lacks DVD R/W drive
so bootable Pen drive will work?

Reason why am I shifting to Linux.(dont read if you already are bored :P

I believe in opensource as i have been already using Blender 3d, Gimp, Ink Scape

Not willing to spend money Windows any more.

Windows is Slow and full of virus, and updating it .....

My Guru, my art teacher of 12th always encouraged me to use open source.

Few times i did Piracy(Crime), i feel Guilt

Thank you everyone for giving time to read it, and answer my questions.
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Re: Help me, suggestions needed

Post by DrHu »

Why Linux, that is the question..

Games are another issue, most PC games are windows based, or at least directly support that desktop (OS) style, and most are not cross-platform, even to using Apple's OSX for example, hence the lack of PC games for Apple desktops as well
--if you go console mode (Sony PS3x or later, Microsoft XBox, Nintendo Wii) or smartphones small games, for Android or Apple IOS: then the desktop doesn't matter one whit.

Where can I get linux..
You came to this forum, Mint's distribution versions are on this site; others are elsewhere, and a simple Internet search will find them

Linux on notebooks, user experiences and tips..

Re: Help me, suggestions needed

Post by nomko »

1. Why Linux? and which one is the best?
Why Linux? That depends on personal issues/reasons. My reason was that i got fet up with re-installing Windows each couple months due to malicious software. linux provided me the security i needed. Why do you have to choose for Linux? That's up to you!
2. New to Linux so afraid about my drivers, software, games, etc?
Don't be afraid of drivers. 99.9% of all known hardware is supported by the kernel. The 0.1% is mostly exotic hardware nobody heard of or the manufacturers won't give any details about their hardware so that the community can't develop good drivers.

About software you don't have to be afraid either. Linux comes with a fast amount of software.
Linux is growing as a gaming platform. You can get very good games for Linux now.
[quoteI love playing games, but all are windows compatible, like, Assassins Creed (series),Battlefield (series), COD (series), etc[/quote]
You can install Wine and install/run Windows games. Or you can install virtualbox, install Windows and then install the games you like to play.
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Re: Help me, suggestions needed

Post by Scott65 »

Yo dude===
I moved to Linux Mint a little over 1 year ago from Win7.
My advice is to just set up a Live DVD or USB and boot it up-- boot up in "compatibility mode" if you're concerned, just see Mint for yourself. HP supports Linux well.
Also, you can easily setup a dual-boot system and have both Window$ and Linux until you feel comfortable making the jump 100%

Why Linux?
For all the reasons you said!
Window$ is all about the $$$$$$$$ and slow and buggy and FAIL and every "update" and "upgrade" adds 1000 more bugs and problems until you have no choice but to format the harddisk and start over...
Besides, you can run Window$ on Linux with Virtual Box, and Wine works pretty well for a lot of windows software...

Also, you can use Virtual Box to try out many different Distros of Linux... or, if you wanted to, you can setup VirtualBox on Window$ and try out Linux, but it's not the same... much slower (thanks to Winblows)

But there is a steep learning curve from Windows, so you'll have to be dedicated to switching over... that's why you'll need to setup a dual-boot system...

But if you can just hang in there it's worth it.
Best advice it just to go for it and don't look back.
Good Luck!
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