Ping Requests?

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Ping Requests?

Postby Karti » Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:49 am

Hi all.

Just to say really enjoying Mint.

I have one problem at the moment. I normally run Shields Up from GRC to check the security of my PC. Normally with Linux distros I have no issues at all. However I am failing on the following:


The full report is below. Not being that up with internet security with Linux, is there a way to stop this happening?

Many thanks


GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC: 2008-06-19 at 11:52:29

Results from scan of ports: 0, 21-23, 25, 79, 80, 110, 113,
119, 135, 139, 143, 389, 443, 445,
1002, 1024-1030, 1720, 5000

0 Ports Open
0 Ports Closed
26 Ports Stealth
26 Ports Tested

ALL PORTS tested were found to be: STEALTH.

TruStealth: FAILED - ALL tested ports were STEALTH,
- NO unsolicited packets were received,

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Re: Ping Requests?

Postby 67GTA » Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:10 pm

I usually install firestarter. It is a GUI app to configure the iptables(firewall). If you poke around in the settings, it has the option to allow or reject this among other things.
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