Elyssa - kill a zombie, shut up vlc and stop fading to grey

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Elyssa - kill a zombie, shut up vlc and stop fading to grey

Postby ukdkde » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:14 am

How to kill a zombie?
When quiting K9copy the application closes (disappears from the desktop) but is still visible in the system monitor processes list as a zombie - occupying cache space. Right clicking and trying to "kill" or end has no effect. Since the app is no longer on the desktop the "force misbehaving application to quit" can't be used. Anyway to eliminate the zombie without a restart?

When leaving vlc, the application goes into sleep mode and continues to play the soundtrack even if the video has gone. In the process listing, vlc is listed as sleeping and can be killed or ended with a right click - is there anyway to quit vlc completely (am I missing a setting in vlc)?

When an application fades to grey on the desktop it will not restart when clicked on (particularly affects firefox) Is there a way to stop - or delay - the onset of the "fade to grey"

The behaviour of vlc is present with ubuntu 7.1 and 8.04. I made the switch to Mint because a number of reviews indicated that it is less "sticky" than ubuntu - which on the whole is true.

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Re: Elyssa - kill a zombie, shut up vlc and stop fading to grey

Postby MagnusB » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:17 pm

Use top to find the PID and use kill pid. You can also use xkill to terminate an application, but that is not recommended unless it is frozen :)
Fading to gray means it is not responding, just wait until it gets it's color back :)
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