installing linux mint 15

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installing linux mint 15

Post by accessdennied »

question, if i install linux mint 15 on my windows 8 pc would i be able to keep all my files i would back them up and just wipe my drive but i dont have anything near big enough to hold all my important data so if it does how do i get rid of windows completely and use mint as my only os and keep all my files
Mark Phelps
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Re: installing linux mint 15

Post by Mark Phelps »

If you don't have an external device large enough to hold all your data files, then saving them is going to be both very tedious and risky. What you would have to do is several passes of the following:
1) Boot into Win8 and use the Disk Management tool to shrink down the Win8 OS partition as much as it will let you
2) Reboot into Win8 a couple of time after that to allow it to make any filesystem adjustments
3) Use the Win8 Disk Management tool to create an NTFS partition to hold your data files.
4) Copy data out of your Win8 OS partition into the new Data partition.
5) Verify that the data got copied correctly
6) Erase the data you copied from the Win8 OS partition.
7) Reboot -- and continue repeating steps 1 and 2, in step3, enlarge the data partition to take up the new space, repeat steps 4, 5 & 6.

What you're doing in this is migrating data files from the Win8 OS partition to a data partition -- a few files at a time.

When you have all your data files migrated to the data partition, you need to decide then if you want to make a backup image of Win8 -- in order to be able to restore it later, should you need it. IF you do, then download and install the FREE version of Macrium Reflect in Win8, use that to image off the boot and Win8 OS partitions to an external drive, and use the option to create a burn a MR Linux boot CD. With these, you will then be able to restore Win8 at a future date -- and can then remove it.
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