wine support with games

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wine support with games

Post by accessdennied »

im still new to linux so when i found out u can open .exe files i was happy to say the least but with game play like portal or minecraft that would run very smoothly with windows doesnt want to with linux mint 15 is there anything i need or should do that will help me fix this problem thanx for the help!!
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Re: wine support with games

Post by kitsuneae »

This will depend a little on your desktop type.

Most games will run in Wine or might have Native Linux versions. Always check to see if a native Linux version exists first as those run the best! Just search "GameTitle on Linux" and you can find all sorts of stuff. For example, "[url=]Steam on Linux[/url]" or Minecraft on Linux. If Linux Minecraft isn't working, check your java and make sure it's installed and running.

If the game doesn't have a native Linux version, that's when you either find an alternative (such as a different emulator for playing ROMs) or use Wine if all else fails. In fact, if you have Linux issues a lot of them can be solved with similar searches. Always try a search engine first.

The only time I have had Wine fail on me was for a weird VisualBasic program that was twitchy to start with. Most decent software will be fine! Again, check for a Linux native alternative before using wine, though. Native programs run the best.

Regardless of Desktop Type
Go in the Software Manager to make sure you have Wine first. For some reason Mint 15 with KDE didn't come with Wine but Mint 14 with MATE did. Weird things happen sometimes... Linux is funny. A million choices = a million surprises.

Don't forget to tinker in Wine itself to find and set up your virtual C Drive so you can put your old saves and such there! Sometimes you will need to manually configure things if you want to save outside that Virtual C Drive, like if you have old save files in your game folder. This will need to be done manually each time you want it to use old saves. If you get a Native Linux version instead, just put your old saves in your nice new Linux version's save folder and it should work.

for MATE:
Right click the .exe to open options menu
open with -> Wine

Right click the .exe
Open With -> (type Wine in search box or select from dropdown)
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Re: wine support with games

Post by Mark Phelps »

BEFORE you try to do any Windows gaming in Linux, you need to check the performance ratings with Wine at the following WineHQ link: [url][/url]

For gaming, any rating less than Gold is wasting your time.

Also, gaming performance is critically dependent on the video drivers -- and with Mint 15, if you're using AMD video chipset/card, anything older than the HD 5xxx series is not going to work well, at all.
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