It might be simple, but I have to ask (generic question)

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It might be simple, but I have to ask (generic question)

Postby Linux n00b » Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:14 am

1. My laptop is dual core, however, I noticed that one the CPU is always running at 100%. I can see either CPU doing 100%, and they switch from time to time. But there is no process that use that much CPU time. Majority are sleeping, and the running one only use a small amount CPU time. I got the reading from both conky or system monitor. What is using that much CPU power at background?

2. How do I make conky auto run at startup? I know there is startup programs, but it seems requiring a script of some kind (at least that's what one of website say so). What is the easiest way to do it?

3. Who do I make conky to read CPU temperature? The acpitemp has no reading and adt746xcpu doesn't (says missing fire/directory).

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Re: It might be simple, but I have to ask (generic question)

Postby ginjabunny » Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:46 pm

1 try starting a terminal and have a play with "top", it might show you what is hogging your cpu, press h for help

2 to add startup programs to gnome try system/prefernces/sessions

3 dunno, never heard of conky :?

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Re: It might be simple, but I have to ask (generic question)

Postby erginemr » Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:01 pm

For Conky scripts (config files) you may refer to:

A search therein may yiled useful information on how to capture and display CPU temperature.

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