Which is "lighter"? XFCE or Cinnamon?

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Re: Which is "lighter"? XFCE or Cinnamon?

Post by BowWow »

passerby wrote:Of the LM distros, I'd go with LM 13 (32 bit), either XFCE or MATE. Definitely not a graphics-intensive environment like Cinnamon or KDE.
Thanks. Are you suggesting LM 13 because it is long term support?

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Re: Which is "lighter"? XFCE or Cinnamon?

Post by passerby »

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Re: Which is "lighter"? XFCE or Cinnamon?

Post by nomko »

JosephM wrote:Actually those numbers seem right to me. I have Mint 15 with Cinnamon installed on my machine and it clocks in at about the 150-170mb range. However I installed it into VirtualBox awhile back to mess with some things and was suprised to see how much lower it's memory usage was. It was right around the 80mb mark. I don't know why the difference but it would be interesting to find out why.
The difference is that (IMHO) under Virtualbox you're only using the 2D fall back mode while installing it as it should be uses the 3D mode. And that is what eating resources/memory.

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Re: Which is "lighter"? XFCE or Cinnamon?

Post by JosephM »

That's not the case. At least on my machine, Cinnamon runs fine in 3d mode under VirtualBox.
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Re: Which is "lighter"? XFCE or Cinnamon?

Post by nunol »

Orbmiser wrote:Just not seeing the significance of a DE's window manager that runs in 50mb or 150mb..
On my 8GB of RAM machine I don't care either but on my 1GB netbook I can tell the difference. On my 512MB machine that 100MB (sometimes more) savings is enough to allow me to use Firefox instead of Midori and on my 256MB machine for some desktops is the difference between booting and not booting.

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