Terminal: Selected text to clipboard / right-click to paste

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Terminal: Selected text to clipboard / right-click to paste

Post by kyrios »


On PuTTY (at least under windows but I guess it's the same on other OS), when you select some text in the terminal, it's automatically added in the clipboard and when your do a right-click in the terminal the text is automatically pasted.

This is something very handy that saves lot of time and I am really used to it.
Is it possible to do something similar in the Terminal of Linux Mint (MATE) ?

I have installed Linux Mint on a 16Gb USB dongle so my storage is quite limited. That's why I first try to see if I can do what I want with the default terminal before installing putty.

Thank you ! :)

Re: Terminal: Selected text to clipboard / right-click to pa

Post by jintawk »

Yes it is :)

I think you'll find similar functionality if you use the middle mouse button.

When in terminal, highlight some text and press middle mouse button to paste it.
Or you can copy something from outside of terminal (with middle mouse if you like), then middle mouse into terminal to paste it.

Also, you can copy with ctrl+shift+c, and paste with ctrl+shift+v.

EDIT: you can of course customise shortcuts through the preferences menu if you like.
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