Couple of Cmopiz questions

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Couple of Cmopiz questions

Postby newio » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:50 pm

Recently turned on the Compiz effects, totally love the system. jsut a few questions though

1. Reizing: Its incredibally slow and laggy to resize a window... everything else happens at lighting speed. Am i missing something, doing something wrong.
2. Window Options: Like an option to keep the window above others, remove borders etc like kwin when i right click on the title bar; Is there a way to get access to them, by far one of my fav things about KDE!
3. Crtl-Alt-Esc: KILL IT!!! Can i do this with Compiz? Different Shortcut? at the moment im going M->Run->xkill but i liked the shortcut (I think shortcuts can be assigned to a program from somewhere?)
4. Renaming the Desktops... can I? I liked Kwin way of doing it, makes more sense then Desk 1, Desk2, Desk n...
5. can i get only the windows on the current desktop displayed on the panel rather then all windows from all desktops (You know, the title bars in the panel you click on to bring up the windows)...
6. Title Selecting: At the moment, Compiz makes me click on the title bar to bring focus on a window. Is there any way to set it so i can click anywhere on the window to get focus?

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Re: Couple of Cmopiz questions

Postby MagnusB » Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:32 pm

1. Not sure, try to enable/disable the resize windows plugin, or experiment with the settings.
2. Set the rules in Window decoration plugins.
3. I am not sure what you are asking for here?
4. Compiz handles virtual desktops a bit different, it actually use 4 (or more) virtual desktops within one virtual desktop. Don't think you can rename them, might be wrong though.
5. A bit tricky to explain, but it is possible. There is, depending on the theme/controls you are using, an area on the panel where you can set the preferences for the window list. Try right clicking on the left side of the window list, or right left of the first item there, and select preferences.
6. Again, not sure what you are asking for. You can enabled the focus animation in the Animation plugin, though I don't use that, you can also try to experiment with "Focus and raise behavior" under General in CCSM.
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