Automatically open .deb when downloading

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Automatically open .deb when downloading

Post by thomas.raines »

When I download a .deb package, I ge the pop up asking me what I want to do, open with or save. I would like to just have it open with Gdebi Package Installer, so I clicked on "browse" button, but I have no idea where it is located. When I right click on a .deb after I have saved it, it is already associated with Gdebi. How can I tell the downloader to open a .deb with Gdebi?

Thanks to Karl, post #2, I was able to accomplish this. Now when I download a .deb file, it is automatically opened in the Package Installer GUI.
Here's how:
In terminal:

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which gdeb
It gave me the output of:

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I then found a .deb that I would like to download. When the prompt appeared to ask me what I wanted to do, I choose "Open with" and clicked the "Browse" button.
I navigate to /usr/bin and found 2 different gdebi binaries (non-GUI and GUI) . I selected the GUI

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This opens the .deb file in the Package Installer GUI, where you can now install your .deb.

I also cheched the "Do this automatically for file like this from now on" so I don't have to keep browsing for it.
The file will automatically download to the temp folder, and run as it should.

Thanks again Karl!
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Re: Automatically open .deb when downloading

Post by karlchen »

Hello, thomas.raines.

The answer to this question on the location of gdebi can be got easily:
so I clicked on "browse" button, but I have no idea where it is located.
Open a terminal window and execute the command

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which gdebi
Voilà, question answered. By the way, it is the same folder where most user commands can be found.

On this statement:
When I right click on a .deb after I have saved it, it is already associated with Gdebi.
This association is valid inside your filemanager. But it is not valid inside your internet browser, too. Would be a bad idea if all the existing mime typ associations which your filemanager knows and uses for local files were used in the same way by your browser, too, because it would open a whole bunch of new security risks. Therefore your browser has got a different set of rules how it handles different file types.
This means you will have to tell your browser to open .deb files received from the internet in gdebi automatically.

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