mp3 no sound, plays fast?

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mp3 no sound, plays fast?

Post by goofus »

mp3 player gives no sound but plays video display very fast.

Youtube no longer works.

OneShot video editor does not play back.

Mint 14 Nadia

I have tried upgrading Mint. I have tried removing flash plugins and reinstalling.

What other things can I try to do?
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SOLVED: mp3 no sound, plays fast?

Post by vandamme »

:mrgreen: I just solved this problem. I had plugged in an external mic that used an A/D dongle (usb output) and it switched my audio output from speakers to hdmi. Go figure?! I could download flash movies as .webv and play them at regular speed with VLC, with no sound.

I changed the audio output from hdmi to analog speakers and Flash and audio work normally.
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