Wireless not working on XPSm1210

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Wireless not working on XPSm1210

Post by lippz2345 »

Hello All,

Sorry for the newbie question - Installed Mint on this old laptop, having a problem with the Wireless adapter. Going to assume it is not detecting the adapter, not even able to see it with a ifconfig, don't see it down, etc. However, could always be wrong, haven't worked in Linux much since college (I know its a shame)

Any help that anyone could provide would be most appreciated! Will submit whatever information you need.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Wireless not working on XPSm1210

Post by stratus_ss »

is this USB or a pci card?

if usb:

Code: Select all

If pci

Code: Select all

This will at least tell us if its being detected at the hardware level. If it is, it should be a matter of finding the correct driver. Also, if you have a hardware/software switch that turns wifi on and off, have you verified that this is in the correct position?

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