What is BlueTooth and how do I set it up?

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What is BlueTooth and how do I set it up?

Postby jacatone » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:07 am

Here in Southern California we have a free ISP called SoCalFree. They have a free wifi service using BlueTooth and your cellphone as the carrier. It says it works with Linux, but I have no idea how to configure BlueTooth. The link to the instructions are below. Thanks.


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Re: What is BlueTooth and how do I set it up?

Postby r1bby » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:28 pm

I assume the ISP is free and not the calls from your mobile? I guess you know what you're getting but I thought I'd double check as I've heard from some people that their mobile phone companies charge a serious fortune for internet access (the ISP's make their money from your mobile phone providers, that's how it's 'free')



But anyway I digress... to load bluetooth onto your pc/laptop goto the package manager and search for 'bluetooth' this comes up with all the available packages for you to install, have a read through each one and click & load all the relevant ones to get you up and running, it's a bit of trial and error but this lot should get you going, it's a good learning curve and I managed to get my bluetooth dongle connected for my mobile phone to transfer images this way, so give it a try. If you fall down further post another note, hope this helps :-)

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