[SOLVED] Unable to install Linux

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Re: Unable to install Linux

Post by Flingel »

Ah that's it . thanks Jeremy!

And thanks to everyone who's helped me in this thread. I now have a working linux system inc thunderbird and wireless connection on a pretty old dell inspiron 2200. Even though it only has 500Mb memory, I'm very happy with the response time so far on everything I've tried. Admittedly I haven't asked it to do anything heavy but for what I wanted - a non windows system that can do basic tasks - it's like it's breathed a new lease of life into it!

Thanks for your patience with I'm sure what look like very dumb questions from me, it's good to find a community that's so helpful and I look forward to learning more about linux.

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Re: [SOLVED] Unable to install Linux

Post by Timberbeast »

Hi Flingel,
Good grief, bit of a shock, I just tried connecting to the internet wirelessly and it worked! So I guess I must have loaded the b43 driver and not realised it in the confusion!

And the sun's just come out too :o)
That's how mine worked too, (about a year ago). It was a bit of a shock. :D

Keep plugging away. You'll get it. You are nearly there. It's well worth it :mrgreen:

LM 17.1 Mate. There's no windows in this box. Not any more :D
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