Random system beeps

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Random system beeps

Post by GokyMint »

I have random pcspeaker beeps,don't know what triggers them and how to remove them.I've searched the forums,google etc but users that posted the problem have them when loging in loging out and doing something specific.The pcspkr is blacklisted by default (I've checked).It can beep at any given time and random (not when I'm doing something specific).While typing this it beeped 3 times.It can beep when system is idle,when I'm playing games,surfing,It never beeped when loging in or out or shuting down or restart.Can anyone help?Is there any log to see when and why the beep is triggered?
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Re: Random system beeps

Post by KirbySmith »

I had a HP PC at work that beeped randomly. I eventually discovered an intermittently opening USB connection.

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