can't download software.

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can't download software.

Post by whichonespink? »

i can no longer download anything from the software manager. whenever i try i get the message, 'another application is using APT..........................synaptic.
what is APT?

could this have something to do with me downloading mint-meta-mate, as it was fine previously?
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Re: can't download software.

Post by ninomrki »

Did you try restarting?

Also, info on APT:
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Re: can't download software.

Post by Mute Ant »

APT is one of the programs that fetches and installs software, and only one copy can run. The usual culprit is Update Manager doing an automatic scan of the repository, which blocks Software Manager from using the washroom. Restart is a bit harsh, you can try to find who is using APT, or wait for them to finish, or just log out and back in again.
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Re: can't download software.

Post by Flemur »

<I> 'another application is using APT..........................synaptic.</I>

Is that the message - that synaptic is using apt - or is that a message from synaptic?

In a terminal:
$ ps -ef | grep synaptic
$ ps -ef | grep apt
$ ps -ef | grep whatever_the_updater_executable_is_called
should show you if synaptic / apt / the_updater are running.
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