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autotomatic system updates

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:24 pm
by siawacsh
Hello, I have setup 32 bit Mint 17 on my mothers desktop who is a techno phobe. I don't want her to have to bother with
authentication each time the system has new updates. Is there a way I can tell the system not to ask for password each time it needs to update.?


Re: autotomatic system updates

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:00 pm
by DrHu
I am thinking you could schedule (provide a CRON job) that ran an update with the required sudo password
--perhaps you could have created another user for her (not sudo group)

The /etc/sudoers file would allow sudo without the password being required
--when setup for nopassword ... -nopasswd/

Another option
--enable remote access and manage the updates to her system yourself..
  • Or possbly use a VPN
    --or even some commercial product such as gotomeeting or teamviewer

Re: autotomatic system updates

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:31 pm
by siawacsh
Hi, i tried the first two options without much luck.

AutoWeeklyUpdateHowTo does not seem to apply to my system. My software sources does not have an option for updates or automatic updates. I have attached a screenshot of my software sources.

When I try to edit /etc/sudoers I get a warning to not edit this file and use /etc/sudoers.d/mintupdate instead.
These are the options I get within the mintupdate file

Code: Select all

# Allow any user to check for new system updates without
# requiring user authentication.

Cmnd_Alias UPDATE = /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/

"mintupdate" [readonly] 6 lines, 180 characters