Help; sda sdb hard drive confusion?

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Help; sda sdb hard drive confusion?

Postby arkin » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:09 am

I installed Linux Mint a few days ago, I opted for Elyssa instead of RC1 Felicia because I was having some problems installing RC1 (probably due to my already partitioned Linux.)

Anyway, I've had it install for a day or two now and I boot up this morning and find that it takes me straight to the ASH(sp?) console instead of loading Linux Mint, I did see a splash screen for a brief second.

So, I dediced to boot into recovery mode which worked, and then I tried to reboot into the normal kernel which failed again. In ASH, I then cd'd into /root and found it had all my storage drive files + folders so I assume sda and sdb hard drives had swapped around maybe?

I unplugged my storage drive, luckily it was hotswap, and booted up fine. Although, i have had to reinstall my NVidia drivers now, but, I think thats because i went into the recovery console?

A quick summary:
sda - 40Gb Maxtor IDE - contains Linux Mint, boot partition (ext3)
sdb - 500Gb Maxtor SATA - contains my backups & files (ntfs)

Not sure whats happening, but I hope you can diagnose so I don't keep having to open the front panel and disconnecting my sata storage drive. I am a happy linux mint user, coming from windows :)

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Re: Help; sda sdb hard drive confusion?

Postby newW2 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:38 pm

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