Not enough shrink space?

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Not enough shrink space?

Post by renzor »

thank you
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Re: Not enough shrink space?

Post by WharfRat »

renzor wrote:My Win8 is installed on a 120GB SSD with about 40gbs free but I when I go shrink volume I only get "3222" which is around 3gbs. Why is this the case?

Wondering if anyone has come across this when trying to install Mint
That's because it bumped-up against an unmovable file. I encountered that years ago with win7 ... l#13019840

You can try

Be advised you're taking a chance with this though. In my case I didn't care about win7.

Good luck :wink:
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Re: Not enough shrink space?

Post by jimallyn »

I don't know if this is still the case, but it used to be that you could disable the paging file, which is what was usually in the unmoveable space, then do a defrag from safe mode. Then do your partitioning, and your Linux install. Then boot back into Windows and re-enable the paging file.

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Re: Not enough shrink space?

Post by ajcardiac »

Yep, disable paging and hibernation and then do a multi-pass defrag before shrinking.
Then re-enable paging and hibernation.
You may also need to disable System Restore if there are still unmovable files blocking the shrink.
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