Some issues on a Dell XPS m1330 fresh install (Mint 6)

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Some issues on a Dell XPS m1330 fresh install (Mint 6)

Postby wcselby » Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:03 am

I've got a few issues I'd like to resolve on my fresh install of Mint on my Dell XPS m1330 laptop that I bought last January (I just installed Mint this week).

Most everything worked out of the box, unlike the fresh install of Vista I did on a separate partition. However, a few things I can't get working in Mint that work just the way I'd expect them to in Vista:

HDMI (video and audio) output does not seem to work the way it does in Vista. In Vista, I can plug the HDMI cable from my TV into my laptop's HDMI output, and my screen resizes itself to conform to the TV, and it duplicates my screen from the laptop to the TV. The very first time I did this in Vista, I was prompted to select whether I wanted to duplicate my screen or extend it onto the TV. I also have to change the default audio source in Vista to the HDMI output. This was something that's always "just worked" in Vista. In Mint, I plug in the HDMI cable and nothing happens. No pop-ups, no output on the TV, nothing. The video card in this laptop is an nVidia GeForce 8400M (I may be an 8400 GS). I have activated the NVIDIA accleerated graphics driver (version 177) in the "Hardware Drivers" panel in the Control Center.

Also, in Vista, when I put my computer to "Sleep", it enters a suspend mode that shuts the system down very quickly and stores my session in something like hibernation, giving me about two days of battery life in sleep mode before it goes to full blown hibernation. If I open the laptop back up, it immediately (within 10 seconds) loads Vista back up, prompts me to login, and reconnects to the network. In Mint, the "Suspend" option appears to be similar, but when it comes back up, it lists my wlan0 wifi connector as disabled. I'm not sure what to do about that?

My Dell Bluetooth mouse also seems to be detected when I first pair it, but if I turn off the mouse and turn it back on later, it doesn't pair properly. I have to delete the mouse out of the bluetooth devices and re-discover it and repair it. Any idea how to fix this so that it "just works" the way it does in Vista?

Also, personal preference issue here, but is there anyway to make Nautilus more "explorer-like"? Meaning, can I have it not alternate the colors of the rows on "List view", can I display an address bar instead of bread crumbs at the top of the window, etc?

How do I pin things to the start menu, or create shortcuts in my taskbar?

I know this is a lot of personal preference type stuff, but it's really the kind of stuff I need in order to justify making the switch completely.

Thanks for any help you can give me with these issues!

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Re: Some issues on a Dell XPS m1330 fresh install (Mint 6)

Postby Husse » Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:33 am

I don't think the restricted drivers tool installs nvidia-settings, but open Synaptic and you will find it there.
Install and run gksu nvidia-settings either from a terminal or from a launcher (Alt+F2) (you need to be root to save the settings)
There you have settings for the different monitors. I don't know about sound - I have no experience with hdmi, but if your nvidia card has sound on it I would not be surprised if you could change that too (I have ATI now on my main computer)
Unfortunately it's not uncommon that wifi does not wake up. I think you have to disable followed by enable the wifi (left click the applet) Annoying I agree.
Have no knowledge about bluetooth, can't help you there
In nautilus, take a look at the "View" menu > Location Bar I have no solution to the varying colours of the lines - that's quite helpful I think
I don''t know what you mean by pin the menu, but shortcuts are called launchers and can be created on the desktop (Right click) and then drag-dropped to wherever you like (left click)
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Re: Some issues on a Dell XPS m1330 fresh install (Mint 6)

Postby wcselby » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:35 pm

Just thought I'd follow up on my old post. I'm happily using Linux Mint now for going on three months now.

I'm still unable to get HDMI working the way I'd like. I actually screwed up X at one point messing with the settings in nvidia-settings. So I just boot to Vista for the times I want to use HDMI. It works out better that way anyways, since I haven't found a way to watch Netflix "Instant Watch" movies in Linux Mint (Windows is one of the system reqs for the Netflix movie player). If I have a movie or something I want to watch, I just make sure it's on my /windows partition before I reboot.

I got the Bluetooth to work the way I wanted it to (auto detect the mouse without having to reinstall it every time) by setting the Visibility setting under Bluetooth preferences (right click the bluetooth icon in the system try and select "Preferences") to "Always visible".

I'm used to the Nautilus stuff now.

I'm still not real happy with the MintMenu, but I learned how to add launchers to the bottom panel, and that's doing the trick for me for now.

I haven't really used the sleep / suspend feature all that often of late, I've just gotten used to shutting down and restarting like I did in XP. I may play with it some more, we'll see.

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