Mint5-64: first impressions: and how to fix up KDE ?

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Mint5-64: first impressions: and how to fix up KDE ?

Postby Ric » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:37 pm

So a friend talked me into trying Mint, so ok, my current OSes are rusty and unstable, so now is a good time. :idea:
I started up the disc and cut some partitions. Mints installer worked well, finding /home on hda3 and the Windoze on hda1. after a seemingly normal install, time to boot it up. :)
It booted to the login screen fine, and a window offered to start in KDE. Odd... only Gnome is listed as an option. Not that it mattered, neither would start. :( KDE not installed, trying Gnome.
A window popped up to let me know that a daemon failed to start, then I received a blank screen with 2 help icons. No task bar ect.
The updater works, so I do that. Now... lets see if Gnome even installed.
R-click / terminal works, ¨sudo synaptic¨ ... synaptic start fine, shows gnome was not installed! I check the basic Gnome components, and it refuses to install! ( I forget the exact error message)
Serves me right for downloading and burning from a rusty unstable OS.
Fine. I was thinking I may like KDE for a change, so I check of a few boxes to install that. 493 packages later, I have a nice new KDE :D
Mint/KDE seems fast and stable, but now every time I boot up, a Gnome component asks me what screen resolution I want.
I also installed the Nvidia driver and the KDE-compiz components, but I cant seem to start compiz.
So 2 questions:
- Is is safe to uninstall all Gnome components, or will that break some dependencies for KDE?
- Do I need to do ¨sudo compiz-replace¨ , to start compiz in KDE?

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Re: Mint5-64: first impressions: and how to fix up KDE ?

Postby exploder » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:47 pm

It sounds like you had a bad burn of the Live CD. Did you check the md5? Did you burn at the slowest possible speed? I am amazed that you were able to get a running system after the problems you described. I would start over because something had to have gone wrong when burning the disk. There is a KDE CE available if you prefer it to Gnome.

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