Changes are not saved when booting from USB Key

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Changes are not saved when booting from USB Key

Postby yvanmarl » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:33 pm

Hi all!

Everyone make mistake, mine was to stick with Windows for too long! :lol:

Last week, I tried Ubuntu. Everything was great!

Then, a workmate told me about Mint. I ripped off my USB Key, and I installed Mint using the Mint LiveCD.

When I installed Mint on my 2 Go USB Key, I told the USB Creator to leave a 1 Go persistent file to save my change.

Here is my problem: changes are not saved. Everytime I boot from my USB Key, the system is "resetted" (i.e.: my time setting, language support, wireless access code, etc. are to their default value). Even if I'm on a USB key, it's like if I was booting from a CD.

When I was running Ubuntu, I used the same key and the same size for the persistent file. I did not have any problem. Everytime I made changes, they were there the next time I booted.

What I am missing?

Thank you for your greatly appreciated help!

Martin 8)

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Re: Changes are not saved when booting from USB Key

Postby random_noise » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:13 pm


Sorry I'm not answering this question. I too have the same issue. Every time I reboot (despite selecting 'persistant' mode) any changes I make are lost.

Hopefully by bumping this back to the top of the forum someone will have another look & will come up with an answer.

Did you build the Mint usb using the live CD? I built it using a file for windows as found here ... m-windows/



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