Level 3 Updates

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Level 3 Updates

Post by doubletwo »

Im new to Linux, and have some updates waiting to be installed. Do i install the level 3 updates or not?

I have read conflicting reports..... some say they are ok to install, and others saying only install them if they are important.....well how do i know, as a newbie, if they are important or not

Help needed please
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Re: Level 3 Updates

Post by KabirGandhiok »

You are more than likely never going face a problem installing level 3 updates, which is why they come checked by default. You can read through the "updating software" section available in the "user guide" for greater insight.
I install all level 3 updates, haven't faced any problem. I think you count on Linux Mint when it comes to stability. Also some people suggest that level 4 and 5 are pretty safe to install as well, because Mint is based on Ubuntu, and Ubuntu doesn't make this distinction in it's updates, but that being said, I too am a newbie so I don't want to risk it by installing level 4 and 5 updates.
You can have a look at -
https://sites.google.com/site/easylinux ... amon-first
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Re: Level 3 Updates

Post by 1.618 »

Updates will either be security (an exlamation mark icon) or package updates, level 1-3 are deemed to be stable enough so as not to upset your system, levels 4 and 5 are less well tested or have the potential to cause problems and glitches so install them at your own risk... some people have no problems with 4-5 but others do

Level 1-3 should be enough for the average user, always install the security ones as these will fix holes and patch potential exploits, and it's up to you if you want to update the packages, usually a good idea.

I always do 1-3 with no problems, but 4-5 have borked my system in the past
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Re: Level 3 Updates

Post by Cosmo. »

If you open the settings of the update manager -> level, you can read the short and easy to understand explanations for the levels. The level system does pretty well that, what is explained there.

Re: Level 3 Updates

Post by poorguy »

I have installed all level 4 and 5 updates and I have never had any trouble with any of them. most trouble that I have known any Linux user to have is where they start changing the kernel to a later kernel and that can sometimes create issues.

the poorguy
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