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Lắp Mạng internet FPT Ngũ Hành Sơn

Post by santamaria »

Nam 1997, cung voi dau moc thanh pho Da Nang truc thuoc Trung uong, quan Ngu Hanh Son duoc thanh lap. Vuot qua kho khan thu thach, phat huy tinh than doan ket, tan dung toi da nguon luc, den nay sau 20 nam xay dung va phat trien, quan Ngu Hanh Son dang dan dinh hinh la khu do thi hien dai phia Dong Nam thanh pho, la dia ban trong diem phat trien du lich, dich vu.

Nhin lai chang duong 20 nam da qua, co the khang dinh, nhung thanh qua ma Dang bo, chinh quyen va nhan dan quan Ngu Hanh Son dat duoc la nho suc manh, doan ket, dong thuan, nang dong, sang tao cua ca he thong chinh tri tu quan den co so; nang luc lanh dao, suc chien dau cua to chuc Dang duoc tang cuong. Dieu de nhan thay ve su doi thay do la kinh te cua quan da co su chuyen dich theo huong tich cuc phu hop voi xu the chung cua thanh pho Da Nang, tao nen nhung bien doi ro ret.

Xem thêm >>> Lắp Mạng Internet Wifi FPT Quân 11

Tren co so phat huy tiem nang va loi the cua quan, hang nam Ban Chap hanh Dang bo quan Ngu Hanh Son deu ban hanh Nghi quyet tap trung lanh dao bang cac chuyen de, de an va khuyen khich, ho tro cac doanh nghiep va ho dan doanh vuot qua kho khan, thach thuc, to chuc san xuat, kinh doanh. Cac nganh kinh te cua quan dich chuyen theo dung dinh huong, giam ty trong nganh nong nghiep, cong nghiep va tang ty trong nganh dich vu.

Voi chuc nang la mot quan nam trong vung kinh te trong diem cua thanh pho Da Nang, Ngu Hanh Son co nhieu tiem nang va thuc luc phat trien kinh te xa hoi. Trong nhung nam qua, co cau kinh te tren dia ban quan Ngu Hanh Son da co su chuyen dich dung huong: "giam ty trong nganh nong nghiep, cong nghiep va tang nhanh ty trong nganh du lich, dich vu, thuong mai".

I. Dich Vu Internet FPT Ngu Hanh Son.

Su phat trien cua quan Ngu Hanh Son, tp Da Nang da keo theo nhung nhu cau thiet yeu ve dich vu vien thong cho ba con quan Ngu Hanh Son. Cong ty vien thong fpt Da Nang da trien khai ha tang goi cuoc https://internetvietnam.net/dang-ky-lap-dat-internet-fpt-quan-ngu-hanh-son.html cho khach hang trong khu vuc. Khuyen mai lon trong giai doan 2016 - 2020, khach hang co the lap dat internet fpt voi gia cuoc chi tu 180.000d - truyen hinh cap chi tu 70.000d de khach hang lua chon dich vu internet truyen hinh fpt quan Ngu Hanh Son Da Nang do fpt telecom cung cap.
Bang bao gia internet FPT Quan Ngu Hanh Son thanh pho Da Nang cho khach hang dang ky lap mang fpt da nang, moi internet FPT voi toc do duong truyen internet FPT tu 10 Mbps - 32 Mbps dap ung cho 1 - 8 thiet bi may tinh, vien thong hoat dong lien tuc hang ngay cho ho gia dinh dang song va lam viec tai quan Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang. Tuy vao muc dich hoc tap, choi game, giai tri ma khach hang co the tham khao va lua chon goi cuoc internet phu hop de su dung tai nha.

II. Lap Mang internet FPT Ngu hanh Son.

FPT telecom gui den quy khach hang bang bao gia combo mạng internet fpt nam từ liêm, internet truyen hinh FPT tai quan Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang de doanh nghiep hay ho gia dinh khi da co internet co the su dung them truyen hinh FPT hoac lap dat moi 2 dich vu ngay tu ban dau cung 1 luc kem theo cac chuong trinh khuyen mai lap mang fpt kien giang, fpt Ngũ Hành Sơn dac sac nhat hien nay cho khach hang trai nghiem.

Khach hang co the dang ky lap mang fpt tay ninh, internet FPT toc do cao tai quan Ngu Hanh Son, thanh pho Da Nang cho doanh nghiep, cong ty muon co 1 duong truyen internet cuc ky on dinh de hoat dong kinh doanh lam viec hang ngay. Doanh nghiep duoc FPT telecom cung cap duong truyen tu 45 Mbps - 80 Mbps kem theo trang thiet bi cap quang tot nhat cho mang noi bo doanh nghiep. De dang ky dich vu mạng internet fpt điện biên, fpt Ngu Hanh Son khach hang co the goi ve duong day nong 0971.620.836.

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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by Reorx »

santamaria wrote:...Is using one common partition of data files the right way to go?...
Yes - if you want to share data access across both OSs.
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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by Cosmo. »

If there are not special needs I recommend to keep the data partitions for both OS separated. If you use a common partition it must be ntfs or fat32. fat32 is great in regard of compatibility, but really outdated and in certain aspects limited.

Both MS file systems do not know anything about the Linux file properties. This may not be of great importance in most cases for data files, but probably it is in the one or other situation.
Both are closed source software, so they get used after re-engineering them. To my knowledge there is no known issue in regard of fat32, in regard of ntfs I would not give the amount of trust, which I expect to keep my data save.

Additional advantage of separate data partitions: If the Windows system should get infected by malware, this malware would not be able to only read or even write on the Linux ext4 partition (except the malware would install an own driver, what is very unlikely), so that your data in the Linux partition is more safe.
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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by Pierre »

whilst it is common to re-use the D: drive as the partition to install your new Linux O/S,
it is also one place that can be used as a shared /data area. as both O/Ss can read it.
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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by helloimustbegoing »

My setup is the same as yours. I see no problem with it. When you say "should I keep keep Linux and Windows data files in separate partitions" do you mean exact copies of the same files? That would be a hassle: example, if you edit a text file in your Windows data partition, then you'd have to manually edit the same file (the copy of it) in your Linux data partition, and vice versa .
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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by duneelliot »

I also have the same setup. Windows on 1 partition. Data on a second partition and Mint on a third. I do this because I need Windows for certain things (like Photoshop or Magix) but also need to access those same photos and video from Mint for everything else. I think it is a great set up and enables me to reinstall or upgrade Mint without messing with my data. Bear in mind that you can only have 3 primary partitions on a single hard drive.
Mark Phelps
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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by Mark Phelps »

Be careful of what Windows "drive" you choose to share. All too often, the "D:" drive is actually the Recovery drive and while you CAN use that, you really should NOT use it, as it will then fill up and that will prevent you from using the Recovery option.

Also, what version of Windows are you running? Because if it's Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, there are problems sharing a data "drive" with Linux.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
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Post by Heinz Doofenshmirtz »

I keep data on two ntfs drives and mint and win10 on two different ssd drives. Not having any issue (still have to find how to mount ntfs devices at login but that's another story).
Can access data from win and Linux.
Mark, what's wrong with sharing a data drive talking win10?

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Re: Shared Windows/Linux Partition For Data Files?

Post by Flemur »

Is using one common partition of data files the right way to go, or should I keep keep Linux and Windows data files in separate partitions.
When I dual-booted I kept the same data in two places: an ext4 partition for linux and an ntfs partition for Windows. Now I don't dual-boot but kept it set up that way; the ntfs is a backup of the ext4 data.
Note: if you do maintenance (error checking, resize, etc) on the ntfs partition, do it with Windows.
Not having any issue (still have to find how to mount ntfs devices at login but that's another story).
Line in /etc/fstab:

Code: Select all

LABEL=NTFS    /mnt/NTFS    ntfs    users,windows_names  0 0
Change LABEL (or use UUID) and mount-point (empty directory you create) as required.
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Your data and OS are backed up....right?
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