Two or three questions about Mint 4

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Two or three questions about Mint 4

Postby alun_sundry » Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:51 am

Having installed Mint 4 on my older pc, while it is booting up the monitor adjusts itself three times to accommodate different splash screens/ the command line-type startup remarks. It was a relief to find a recent-ish version of Mint that works with my graphics card etc, but can I either get rid of the startup screens or change them so they don't force the monitor to adapt like this. I got rid of the login screen by enabling automatic login, as the login screen had unreadably small text.

A nVidia fx5200 graphics card is involved; I'm unable to get online to download proprietary drivers unless I can transfer one via memory stick from my Mint 6-equipped laptop, though I did find nVidia's own drivers just don't co-operate with Mint 5 or 6 on my desktop pc, after following forum advice to the letter, and as far as I can glean this is due to an incompatibility with the more recent version X Server.

When I was trying out Ubuntu, I saw that versions 7.04 and 7.10 have a security flaw that has to be patched. Is this therefore also true of Mint 4?

Could the bit of Mint 6/Ubuntu 8.10 that deals effortlessly with Mobile Broadband be downloaded separately and installed in Mint 4? If so which files are involved and can I download them with my Mint 6 machine and move them by memory stick to the Mint 4 machine (and if so, how)?

Thanks muchly.

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Re: Two or three questions about Mint 4

Postby Husse » Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:44 am

This should work for the usplash resizing
The size of GDM (the login screen) is a bit more complicated to fix - basically all suggested solutions are to change the dpi in the Login window
I don't think the 5200 is old enough to have problems with X in Felicia/Intrepid the way you mention
Could the bit of Mint 6/Ubuntu 8.10 that deals effortlessly with Mobile Broadband be downloaded separately

Possibly but not install in Daryna......
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