Want to replace Ubuntu8.10 with latest Mint.

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Want to replace Ubuntu8.10 with latest Mint.

Postby rizwan » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:04 am

Hello chaps.

I have been a Ubuntu user on desktop for last 4 or 5 releases now and haven't bothered looking around for a while. My Linux desktop journey has been through Redhat->Suse->Mandriva->Fedora->Ubuntu and has been satisfied with Ubuntu for a while. Came across Mint today and I've been sold (well, almost :-)). Just got a few concerns but Google is my friend mostly :-)

I have a bit of idea about the differences/similarities between these two distributions but any more insight will be helpful and really appreciated :-)

- I use dual head setup on an nVidia card with propriatory driver on intrepid right now. I imagine it's going to work exactly same on mint. Thoughts?

- Ubuntu repositories. What sorts of software can be used on Mint from there? I imagine all applications level software. What about integrated gnome stuff? slab menu/main menu etc? Art-work etc?

- gfxboot? Big complain I have about ubuntu is gfxboot. I know I know! not important :-) But I'm a fussy guy and I want my boot menu look exactly as I want. Ubuntu community guys are not very helpful on this (their response is: well we don't restart our desktops so often. Well I do!) and on intrepid gfxboot is a pain to setup. Does mint use gfxboot or the traditional grub look-n-feel?

-Release cycle and ubuntu imports. I'm fairly familiar with Ubuntu's development and release cycle. They basically import debian packages and then work from their during their 6 months dev-cycle. How about Mint? My understanding is that it uses latest Ubuntu as the basis and does similar import (as Ubuntu from Debian) on it and your guys work on it form their own? I've seen the kernel and other major packages' versions are same in both of latest releases. Or am I wrong? Any other thoughts? I am asking this because I'm curious as to how updated software in each of Mint's release is and how often does it get updated. There is nothing like having new cool looking feature in your desktop every now and then (I'm sure you know what I mean ;-)).

-Upgrade process. How does it really work? One of the things I love about Ubuntu is the upgrade process. It's brilliant. How does the one in Mint work when looking at in comparison to Ubuntu's one?

Thats what I could think of for now. Any thoughts from more experienced users will be helpful. Other than that, mint has one gorgeous and polished looking desktop. Great work!



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Re: Want to replace Ubuntu8.10 with latest Mint.

Postby Husse » Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:15 pm

I'll do my best...
I use dual head setup on an nVidia card with propriatory driver on intrepid right now. I imagine it's going to work exactly same on mint. Thoughts?

Use Envy to install as it installs nvidia-settings which I think the restricted drivers tool does not and generally makes a better job. And of course you must run nvidia-settings with gksu
You have to invoke it from the command line

Code: Select all

sudo envy -t

Unfortunately to get a GUI would have meant some 100 MB more ....
Ubuntu repositories

Anything - but this is dangerous - even if it is possible to use all of it some will destroy Mint, but the chance that you'll install that is not all that overwhelming
Never ever do a dist-upgrade in Mint unless you are absolutely certain you have the correct repositories enabled
Otherwise the result can be somewhat unpredictable...
And please only use mintUpdate to update - this is just to avoid some unpleasant surprises
Release cycle and ubuntu imports

Same as Ubuntu - we build Mint on the Ubuntu releases
Upgrade process.

We always recommend a fresh install but from Felicia there is an upgrade tool. A new version of the tool will be released for each new version of Mint
And a tweaked gfxboot is the default in Mint - i think it's even used in mint4win
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