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Newly Minted user

Postby WildSioux » Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:13 pm

Hello, I am new on here but have tried Mint live cd on XP. I come from...*ahem* suse 11.1. I was fed up with things not working so I came back to Mint. I have actually tried numerous distros over the past month. Mint, Suse, Mandriva, Kubuntu, Suse, and now Mint. Suse started out fine but then it had weird artifacts and wouldn't recognize USB game pads. Mandriva was perfect, but it was too limited and also had weird desktop artifacts. Kubuntu was a complete failure, no network cards detected on clean install.

Anyways, Mint is the only one that has allowed me to access my DNS323 network drive...right out of the box! I was able to see them via samba shares. But no matter what I did, it would not mount correctly meaning I could not open or save a simple word document file. Failure to those other distros I say. Mint prevails in this aspect which is why I am back and hopefully to stay for a long time because I am tired of switching. All I did in Mint was set the IP range in the UFW firewall, open up my computer, network, and it saw the name of the box. I doubled clicked on a shared folder I had and it mounted it directly to the desktop for me!!!! I then was able to open a word document file in openoffice, changed it and then saved it. Amazing, yet simple...!

A few things I am looking for help on. I had been using KDE prior in the others. I have been holding out on a KDE for mint 6. But I couldn't wait any longer. Hopefully a CE edition of KDE 4.2 will be made for mint here soon.

1.) Change the Gnome taskbar (panel) color, transparency? I have managed to change the theme. But it is still the ugly grey color. I am looking for a theme with some light blue, black colors but haven't found anything.

2.) Compiz...I have installed Compiz Fusion icon along with Emerald. I can change the window manager by using the fusion icon. It changes the theme to a transparent one that I selected in emerald. But when I restart the computer. Compiz doesn't start and it is back to the regular default gnome theme. How to make Compiz start up with emerald? KDE suse there was a thing to change the default window manager. I have not found such thing yet in mint. As per another thread I found here, I added this to the Sessions>Session Preferences>Startup>"compiz --replace & sleep 5; emerald --replace &" But that didn't work.

3.) I have not tried this yet...But hopefully when I plug in my USB gamepad it will recognize it and not break my DVD drive access or sound.

4.) I have installed the recommended NVIDIA 177.x driver for my NVIDIA BFG GEForce 8400GS. It seems to be working but I don't get the NVIDIA boot splash screen like I did in other distros??? Not a big deal. Also, 180.22 is that available for Mint?

5.) Can't think of anything else right now. But if I come up with anything else I will ask.

Thanks, and I will certainly come back to let you know how the game pad goes. And I hope to be sticking around here for a long time.

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Re: Newly Minted user

Postby garda » Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:02 pm

Welcome to Mint.
Here's quick answer to at least some of your questions:

A. Panel transparency
-Open CCSM (ALT+F2, enter "ccsm").
-Open up 'General Options' > Opacity Settings Tab.
-Click on the 'New' button under 'Window opacities'.
-In the dialog box that pops up, enter "Dock" (leaving the quotes) and adjust the transparency level by moving the slider.

B. Panel Background
-Right click on an empty area in the panel and choose 'Properties'
-Go to the 'Background' tab, select 'Background image' and choose an image file you desire.

C. Make Emerald Started upon Login
-Open CCSM (ALT+F2, enter "ccsm").
-Open up 'Window Decoration'
-Replace the command in the box with "/usr/bin/emerald --replace" (sans the quotes).

D. Don't upgrade your display driver if you don't have any untreatable technical difficulties with the one currently installed.

E. To get that nVidia splash screen:
-Open your xorg.conf for editing:

Code: Select all

gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

-Find (CTRL+F) for "NoLogo"
-Remove the line that reads

Code: Select all

Option "NoLogo" "1"


Code: Select all

Option "NoLogo" "True"

-Save and close gedit.

I'm not sure about the rest so I'll leave them to anyone who really knows.

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Re: Newly Minted user

Postby WildSioux » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:05 pm

Hello, I'm back to Mint6 with the KDE RC! Was using sabayonlinux with KDE 4.2 installed. So far so good with Mint6 KDE RC and no crashes yet. Thanks for getting that out BTW.

I had a little trouble mounting my NAS box. Did a search and had to install samba since it was giving me an error with sudo mount -a I can't remember what I did, but it was some sudo apt get samba...

I needed a subversion client. So I went to mintinstall and searched. It came up with the subversion thing from tigris so I installed it. I wasn't sure if it was actually a client or the server. I couldn't find it in the menus so I searched again and found to use adept to install KDEsvn. I installed it and now everything is good.

However, how do I uninstall the subversion I had installed with mintinstall? There is no option to uninstall. I realize now that is probably the CLI of it.

I am going to try and install OO 3.01 from the thread I found.


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