BIOS not recognizing HDD

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BIOS not recognizing HDD

Post by AverageMintIceCream »

I have run into some problems getting Linux Mint on my Acer Aspire E1-111M

I am unable to get my PC to boot without a USB. I booted from USB to install Linux Mint "Rosa" with the Cinnamon desktop. I followed the install directions, and it said it succeeded. If I shut down the computer, unplug the USB, and start the computer up again, then the computer is unable to boot, even after disabling UEFI. I have the HDD as being the first in boot order, but the computer still says it has no bootable disk. I feel like I am missing something.
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Re: BIOS not recognizing HDD

Post by Mute Ant »

o It's worth checking in the BIOS that there really is a hard drive to boot bootable disk might be the literal truth.

o It is possible the Linux boot loader (GRUB) failed to install in the main drive but skipped giving an error message because it saw no error...for example the new system boot loader has gone into the USB. Put the Live-Session USB back in and boot from that. If you don't get a Live Session, but you do get the installed system running, it's a simple command to put a copy of GRUB where you want it; on the same drive as the system partition.

If you get Live Session booting from USB, you can use it as a diagnostic environment, or as a boot loader, or as a re-installer...

o Start a Live Session and try the Boot from Hard Drive option in the start-up menu.

o Start a Live Session and run gparted. Post a screen shot here of the state of /dev/sda.

More complex...but already detailed somewhere in the forum answers...

o Start a Live Session and edit the menu text from boot=casper to root=/dev/sda1 to start an installed Mint on /dev/sda1 (which is where it usually goes for me...that's what the screen shot is for).

o Start a Live Session and chroot into the installed system...experts only for this because there's no GUI, only console commands.

Easy way out...reinstall Mint to /dev/sda and double-check the boot-loader is sent to the same drive as the system. Watch closely for error messages. You may need a new Live Session USB if something got written to the old one. /dev/sda may not be an appropriate destination for your hardware, it usually is, but I am having to guess.
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Re: BIOS not recognizing HDD

Post by Aristotelian »

Whenever I have gotten "no bootable disc" it is because BIOS is trying to boot CD-ROM. It is possible you have the correct order of HDDs but it is still going to CD-ROM first.
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