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Post by jackjps »

Thanks for any help.
How do I permanently delete Wine?

Old Ruler
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Re: Wine

Post by Old Ruler »

Software Manager - enter the word wine in the search box and click the uninstall button.

It's only about half a gig though. Do you need the space? Or some other concern? (you don't have to answer)

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Re: Wine

Post by jonnymoon96 »

you should be able to go to the mint software manager type in wine click remove and then go to wine 1.6 and then click remove wine gecko and click remove and go to wine mono and click remove

Dave B
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Re: Wine

Post by Dave B »

Hi jackjps,

That would depend on how you originally installed Wine?!

If you have Wine 1.8.1 or 1.9.3 installed, then navigate to Menu -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager
  • Type wine in the search field (installed Wine elements will be highlighted green)
  • Click the green square and select "Mark for Complete Removal", window will open asking you to confirm marking the packages to remove. Click "Mark"
  • In Synaptic Package Manager window, click Apply
If you have an older Wine version installed, then you may find it easier to use (as others mention) Software Manager.


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