Shutdown problem - blank screen, fan speeds up

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Shutdown problem - blank screen, fan speeds up

Post by Credo »

Hi. I installed Mint 6 a few days ago on desktop computer (Dell). Sometimes when I try to shut down, it all seems to go normally but then at the end, when the Mint screen disappears and I'm expecting complete poweroff to occur, the screen then lights up a bit (but stays blank), the case fans remain on, and a fan somewhere inside (CPU fan?) then speeds up to quite a fast pace and then just keeps running. So then I have to switch off by pushing and holding the power button. I've searched Mint and Ubuntu forums and seen advice re typing commands such as sudo shutdown now, sudo halt, etc. I've tried these but they don't always work; they're no more likely to work than conventional shutting-down via 'Quit' on the menu.

Any thoughts? If there's currently no solution, does the repeated use of the power button when necessary (as above) cause any harm?

Thanks very much for any advice.

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Re: Shutdown problem - blank screen, fan speeds up

Post by rdonnelly »

I get the same problem with my Dell, never caused me any problem to just push the power button. I usually dont worry about trivial things like this, this system is practically shut down any ways. Actually, I dont have a black screen just the shut down status with the indicator all the way to the right.
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Re: Shutdown problem - blank screen, fan speeds up

Post by dickinabox »

I have the same problem, and I don't consider it trivial. If I hit shutdown, I expect the machine to power off. I don't want the machine on while I'm at work, or on vacation, etc. It is more than an annoyance, it can be a fire hazard; at the very least it's not environmentally friendly.

Mine will go the the blank screen until I force the power off. When I hold the power button to turn off the machine, two lines of text appear at the top of the monitor, but they disappear so fast that I can't read them. I'll try to snap a picture of them so I can see what they say.

Anyhoo, someone must have figured out what this problem is by now.

Any suggestions other than terminal commands?

EDIT: I took a photo of my screen, got most of the text (missed a little off to the far right) and it's a little grainy, so a few letters could be off. Reads something like this:
[51638.496334] pm_op(): usb_dev_suspend+0x0/0x20 [usbcc
[51638.496489] PM: Device 3-1 failed to suspend: error

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