17.3 Cinnamon asks for user name sometimes

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17.3 Cinnamon asks for user name sometimes

Post by RavingLoony »

Hi. This is my first question. It feels like this may be slightly dumb but here goes.

I'm the only user of the machine. On installation I created a single account as an administrator. I've read that the root superuser account will use the password I created for my account to let me make changes to the system.

Without any apparent pattern I get asked for a user name when most of the time my administrator password is all that is asked for - basically I have to be awake to the fact that sometimes I'm asked for the user name.

Is this a design feature or a bug?

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Re: 17.3 Cinnamon asks for user name sometimes

Post by Pjotr »

It has to do with an annoying feature of the login window, namely the faulty "remember last user". It's best to disable that feature:
https://sites.google.com/site/easylinux ... gin-window
(item 3.11, right column)
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Re: 17.3 Cinnamon asks for user name sometimes

Post by Cosmo. »

The not so apparent pattern is, that in case, you made a typo while entering the password in the login screen, the systems believes - out of a not comprehensible reason - that another user (even if there is none) wants to login and asks for the user name at first. The developers have been noted about this problem, hopefully it will be changed in the next version.

What you can do in this situation is - instead of actually entering the user name - press the up arrow key, this will select your account with a single key press and you can enter the password again.
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