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First,Quick question.

Postby pyktas » Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:51 pm

Hello everyone, i was discusting in other forums abount Mint project and i thought that i will try it on my very old laptop.. My laptop is AMD Duron 900mhz 128ram 16mb s3 graphics.. i just wondering can i install Mint and what version is best compatible for that type pc?

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Re: First,Quick question.

Postby rivenought » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:15 pm

With those specifications, you may run into difficulty installing Mint. I am not sure if you will be successful with Mint GNOME or Mint KDE. However, you might be able to get Mint Xfce or Mint Fluxbox to run. The main issue is the 128 MB of RAM. The Live CD requires more to boot, yet you might be able to install and run with 128. Be forewarned that you may not have stellar performance. It is worth a try, and I do wish you good luck with your experiment.

One helpful hint is to get the hard drive partitioned with a /swap file since I have noticed that will enhance the performance of the Live CD.

Now, there are some distros that cater to older hardware specs such as TinyMe and antiX. I have run both of them as Live CDs and found them functional. They are not Mint, but they are Linux. You have probably already heard of DSL, Puppy, and Knoppix, which are also mentioned for use with machines of your specifications.

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