Notebook + external monitor (Felicia & Elyssa)

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Notebook + external monitor (Felicia & Elyssa)

Postby .ee » Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:33 am

So, I finally purchased a high resolution external monitor for my 12" 1280x768 subnotebook (intel 915 grafics),
and I have a one month old Felicia installation (updated, upgraded).

After some googling I managed to make the external monitor to work under Felicia (connected to NB via VGA).
Well, to the extend...

The way I did it: Alt-F8 (don't know if it had any impact), then C-A-backspace to restart Xorg,
then chose a proper resolution both for the notebook and external screen using the tool "Configure display settings" which has nicely appeared in the tray itself (it's Mint!). (Before doing it the resolution on my notebook and the display was set to 1024x768 both).

Now the first weird things (compared to how it works in Windows):
1) the desktop icons on my notebook are not visible on the external monitor. I can accept it, because I can move the cursor to the right beyond the external monitor desktop and it appears on my notebook screen, so that I can call applications from the notebook desktop).
2) some applications: opera (but not mozilla, midori or kazehakaze), giver, skype, Openoffice ... when called from the external monitor desktop are appearing on the notebook screen, so that I have to drug them to the left so that they appear on the external monitor.

In a sense, these small problems are very minor and are easy to adapt to and even like. Maybe they are just features of the linux way of working with external monitors? I just want to be sure that my installation of the external monitor went right.

PS: After having tried many other distros I still return to Mint for my everyday work. Many thanks to the developers!
My learning of linux is slow but I hope to be able one day to build from Arch or Debian a linux for my own needs which will be as usable as Mint!
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Re: Notebook + external monitor (Felicia)

Postby .ee » Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:16 am

I now checked how the same external monitor works on Elyssa I still have it on one partition). Suprisingly, after booting with the external monitor connected via VGA port, the system just works: the notebook screen has its 1280x168 resolution and it is seen with all its desktop icons as a part of the higher resolution external monitor screen, the operations on the desktop are just duplicated on the external monitor. This is more similar to the windows way. However, the Felicia way described in the post above is somewhat cooler to use. I have to decide.

I am suprised by different modes the external monitor works in Elyssa and Felicia. I wonder if it is possible to chose between those modes in Felicia.

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Re: Notebook + external monitor (Felicia & Elyssa)

Postby revdjenk » Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:25 pm


I have tried the follwing and it works with a projector...and it may work with an external display as well...

main menu>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager (then enter password)
in Quick Search type: lxrandr
This should show up in the main window, and that you have it installed...if not, mark it for install and apply

Then try this...
next time you boot without the external display, connect it (and you won't see it respond, right?)
Then goto:
Main Menu>Accessories>Terminal
When terminal shows up...type:
lxrandr (enter)

You should get a pop-up window giving you selections:
external monitor showing your laptop screen
external display alone (laptop screen blank)
laptop screen (external display blank)

before you discconnect it, start terminal > lxrandr and choose laptop screen alone then disconnect it.

wish this was automagical, but until it gets encorporated into X...this will have to do!

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