need a computer

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Re: need a computer

Post by Tomgin5 »

the prime difference beside speed and if they fit in the socket or not is the operating voltage of the RAM operates on. DDR1 is 2.5 volts. DDR2 is 1.8 volts. DDR3 is 1.5 volts. DDR4 is 1.2 volts. Very critical. The lower the correct operating voltage is the lower the power consumption per MB and the faster it is.
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Re: need a computer

Post by trapperjohn »

But that ASUS Sabertooth 990FX is very fast and probably very current. Any suggestions re drivers.
All the devices function with stock Linux kernel. That is, everything works out of the box. However, I usually install the NVidia driver rather than use the kernel's driver.
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Re: need a computer

Post by MajorMuff »

glendenning wrote:Does the choice of DDR3 or 4 make a difference with Linux OSs or drivers?
I'm not sure that's actually a choice, your mainboard probably supports one or the other, not both.
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Re: need a computer

Post by Arch_Enemy »

MartyMint wrote:
Arch_Enemy wrote:
The only problem is using that for coolant requires frequent draining and refilling...
I'm up to the task.

Arch_Enemy wrote:
Nice pedal, BTW.
I only wished I owned one.
Rakarrack is a lot of fun though.
Wow. Pretty trippy stuff! Studio only, or can it be used live?
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One thing I would suggest, create a partition a ~50G partition as /. Partition the rest as /Home.
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Re: need a computer

Post by ZakGordon »


in relation to the base hardware itself (i5/i7, motherboard etc), Linux works like Windows (more or less). Linux is just an OS built to make hardware talk together to make a functional computer.

Keep in mind the advice in this thread about where Linux is maybe not as strong as Windows in terms of driver support (GPU brand in particular, where in Linux Nvidia is better than AMD in terms of driver support etc).

The only issues will mostly be around if you are running the very latest hardware, for Linux Mint, based on older more stable versions of Ubuntu, the very newest model of hardware could be a problem perhaps. Skylake based CPU's have had issues with Linux (maybe fixed now?) for example.

This is why i would find an old Windows PC lying around and use that instead, rather than building new from scratch, but this is mostly because i do not know Linux as well as Windows, and my general advice for someone coming completely new to Linux, don't spend money on something that may give you unexpected problems when you can test it out all for free first, kind of thing.

Hope that helps clarify the hardware compatibility issues some more.
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