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Post by ginjabunny »

this is bugging me, it seems to have appeared in Mint 18 (I'm running Cinnamon 64bit), on any window with scroll bars on the right hand side when I click above or below the slider it jumps to where I clicked whereas before it only moved one page, how do I change this behaviour?
I can't see anything it in system settings, so is it hidden away in dconf or something?
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Re: scrolling

Post by xenopeek »

Firefox is finally a Gtk3 application. Gtk3 is a toolkit for building graphical user interfaces for applications (some applications might still use Gtk2 or may instead use Qt). Gtk3 handles scrolling this way for all Gtk3 applications:
  • Left-click on the scrollbar jumps to that position
  • Shift + left-click, or just right-click, on the scrollbar scrolls up or down by one page
If you want to revert this for all Gtk3 applications, press Alt+F2 to open the run dialog or open a terminal and give the command:
xed ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini

This opens your text editor with probably a blank file. Put the following two lines of text in it then save & close the file.

Code: Select all

Restart Firefox to apply the change. Now left-click scrolls by one page and Shift + left-click jumps to that position on the scrollbar.
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