Which wifi dongle works perfectly with LM 6 Main

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Which wifi dongle works perfectly with LM 6 Main

Postby jacatone » Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:54 pm

I'm currently using a Realtek 8187B wifi dongle which has a known issue with Ubuntu 8.10. It drops the connection unexpentantly. Been trying to find a way to fix it, but it seems no one in the Linux forums has an answer. Does anyone know of a USB dongle that works perfectly with LM 6 Main? Thanks.

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Re: Which wifi dongle works perfectly with LM 6 Main

Postby Husse » Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:15 am

I have a solution for the 8187 here
Stay away from RTL and bcm :)
But I have a bcm4312 (or 11) that works just fine (internal USB)
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Re: Which wifi dongle works perfectly with LM 6 Main

Postby Aging Technogeek » Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:50 pm

I can only speak from (admittedly) brief personal experience so this may not be universally true. I have be a Mint user since early January of this year and I've used a Zydas 1211 exclusively. It worked on first installation and it has never given me any problems (the one possible problem was traced to a corrupted Mint 6 64 bit live CD). I even recommended it to a friend who was having problems with his Linksys WUSB 100 in Mint 64 bit. He got one and has not had any trouble since.

I've used the Zydas on three computers with 32 and 64 bit Mint with no difficulties. Never had to load a driver or do any configuration - true plug and play.

I should add that as far as I can determine the Zydas 1211 uses a n Atheros 5007ug chipset. I have read of problems with the Atheros 5007eg but have had none with the 5007ug.
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