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cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by mitduffy32 »

A newbie-- Are Multi-sessions possible with Xfburn.
If yes - Where can I find tutorial?
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by Pjotr »

mitduffy32 wrote:A newbie-- Are Multi-sessions possible with Xfburn.
No, unfortunately not....
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by Schultz »

I wish the developers of Xfburn would add this functionality soon. It surely can't be that hard to do, can it? In the meantime I don't have any disc burning app installed (I uninstalled the mess that is Brasero). If I need to burn a disc in multisession mode in the future, I guess I'll install K3b, along with half of KDE with it, as with any other KDE-based app. :x
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by scdbackup »


the main obstacle is obviously lack of man power in Xfburn. The development
path would be to depend on libisoburn and use its xorriso API for Xfburn
data compositions.

I am ready to support such a move, but not to take part in general Xfburn
Needed is a person who knows about GLib and C programming in general.
The composition model would have to be moved from GLib (where it consumes
substantial memory and has no means to import an ISO tree for multi-session)
to xorriso which keeps its composition model in libisofs (which needs to be
created at burn time anyways).

The leanest multi-session GUI i know of is my demo program xorriso-tcltk. ... riso-tcltk
It is more informative than nice to look at: ... screen.gif
If a developer wants to translate it to some GUI toolkit i would be glad to

Have a nice day :)
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by BG405 »

Xfburn didn't work for me on Cinnamon (17.3 64-bit) but I've used Brasero several times with no issues, I've also used it with one of the 3-inch DVD-RWs I use (for those distros which will fit on them) in Xfce on an ancient Time laptop with good results. Not sure why there are so many reported issues?

K3b is well worth a try though I do only use it on KDE.
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by qhris »

Brasero isn't working it seems for me on LM18. It just kind of says its recording , but is really doing nothing. System Monitor is showing no activity, and the dvd/cd unit on the computer is not active either.
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by Hoser Rob »

Schultz wrote:... I guess I'll install K3b, along with half of KDE with it, as with any other KDE-based app. :x
Actually it's not true that all KDE apps will also install a shed load of dependencies when installed in a non KDE system. The best way to find out is to mark the package in Synaptic Package Manager and that will tell you if it does so or not.
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Re: cd Burner - Xfburn

Post by Cosmo. »

Actually there will be a great number of dependencies get installed with K3b. But they do no harm for the system. (In case that another kde application is already installed, the number of additional packages for K3b are of course far lower.)
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